.A person, animal, or scene is relief carved into a piece of jewelry known as a cameo. Typically, the carving is done by using an item like agate, onyx, or shell. Since ancient times, cameos have been used in jewelry. Their appeal has fluctuated throughout time. There is truly no comparison to the brilliance of cameo jewelry when it comes to jewelry that also serves as art. Some of the most expensive cameos are made of beautifully carved pictures that are set in gold and other precious materials. They can also cost hundreds of thousands of dollars. These pieces have absolutely incredible craftsmanship. Cameos are typically constructed of two layers of contrasting-colored gemstones. These gemstones may include agate, onyx, or sardonyx. Figures are etched into one layer and projected over the other. It will make a three-dimensional work of art. Additionally, cameos can be crafted from glass, shell, coral, stone, or lava.

Pye Creative may customize your cameo Jewelry.

You may reach our customer care department to learn about various customizations for cameo jewelry. We can customize your present with your own unique touch. It will help to make your choice even more impressive. We may also engrave the back of your distinctive jewelry to commemorate a special occasion. The process of customization consists of the following steps:
1. Select your cameos jewelry in Hamilton.
2. Fill out the area with the name or date you want to have engraved on the back of the Cameo.
3. Continue with your online purchase after saving your customization.
The compatibility of the size and frame type of Cameo will also affect customization. We advise that you select a date or a few characters for cameos that are smaller than 17mm in size. We will also like to remind you that customized products cannot be returned.

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Cameo -25- Silver Gilt, Silver Accent Shell with Lovely Face Carving. Pin/Pendant

Low grade silver gilt.? Silver accent.? Shell in good condition, Pin/pendant 1940  

Cameo – “Three Graces” Silver and Marcasites

Stunning example of attention to detail.? Well maintained and beautifully cared for by its owner.? 2.5" long and 1.5" wide.? All marcasites are original.? Breathtaking!  

Cameo – 10k Gold Pink Conch (Angel Skin) – 1920 pendant

Angel skin cameo is one of my favourite.? The soft pink of the cameo is awe inspiring.? I cannot bring myself to use the over-used expression "awesome" This lovely beauty was hand carved in 1920, oblong, measuring 1.5" x .75"

Cameo – 1890 Victorian Shell Cameo, 9K Unusual subject, highly sought after!

Rare to find such a splendid outdoor scene, especially in the snow, with footprints!? The subject is possibly very close relation to the artist.

Cameo – 9. Cora Costume Gold Plate.

Interesting change in hair and dress – changing eras

Cameo – Large 6″ Oval, Pin Pendant Spectacular large 4.5″ long by 3″ wide

4.5" long and 3.5" wide.? Beautiful pale shell with no abbraisions.? 9K gold tested.

Cameo – Victorian Shell Cameo 1890 – 10K yellow gold marked.

Please admire the beautiful detail in the engraving, absolutely splendid! 2" long, 1" wide.

Cameo -23- Victorian Rolled Gold Shell Cameo Large Pin/Pendant beautiful Shell carving of scene

Beautiful Heavy White Shell Cameo, carved scene, winter. Large cameo beautiful frame detail. Victorian.

Cameo -24- Tiny 800 Silver Pin/Pendant Roman Figure.

Circa 1900 carved Roman Woman figure.? Shell in good condition with slight crazing on the back.

Cameo -26- Pin/Pendant Shell Cameo in Excellent Condition – Silver Gilt with Silver Accent.

Silver gilt with silver accent.? Shell is in excellent condition.? Very nice face. Beautiful carved flower on her head! Circa