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BRENDA PYE Creations, Repurposed vintage jewelry

Heavy Sterling hat shaped beautifully detailed round 4.5” diameter with inset 12mm pool of light. Suspended from a heavy sterling

BRENDA PYE Creations, Repurposed Vintage Jewelry

Antique filigree wand with ancient gemstones And pools of light adornments. Intricate carved details and wrapped silver supporting a 16mm

BRENDA PYE Repurposed Vintage Jewelry

Vintage Lilly pin with flowing details, pretty Art Nouveau Look with Pools of light spilling from the cup of the

GIFT 101 1/101 all items 200.00

All items gift 101...200.00      or, create your own with a selection of my hand picked items, plus a pure crystal orb "Pool of Light", size 6mm, 10mm, 12mm and up while available.  Blessings Bxx