Earrings for women are typically suspended by a ring or hook. It passes through the lobe’s piercing, or more commonly in modern times, by a screwed clip. The desire to embellish or change how the ear looks seems to be practically universal. It’s crucial to realize that earrings, particularly those made of gold, are said to have therapeutic characteristics. The piercing itself is claimed to heal the mind as well as the body. It also brings the user luck, happiness, and success.
You can wear earrings on every occasion. Earrings can be given as gifts to commemorate anniversaries, birthdays, graduations, and other occasions. When giving a present for a particular event, the shape and design of the earrings can express your feelings of pleasure and accomplishment. Materials used to make earrings for girls include metal, plastic, glass, precious stones, beads, wood, bone, and a variety of other materials. Small hoops and studs, big plates, and dangling objects are among the designs.

Get custom earrings from Pye Creative.

There are no more beautiful earrings than the ones you will design with our artisans. They are important whether you are attempting to restore a lost heirloom, seeking bridal earrings that precisely match your rings, or simply looking for the ideal gift. You can also make your purchase meaningful by choosing earrings that were specially made for you. You may create your earrings right now with the assistance of our talented artists. Your own line of distinctive handcrafted earrings from Pye Creative is a terrific method to promote brand recognition, customer base, and revenue for your company.

How to Design Custom Earrings

Are you ready to create your unique design of earrings? We create personalized earrings using both hard and soft enamel. You have to decide the shape and any details you want to incorporate.
Choose the desired shape: Do you like plain button earrings? You may also look better with oversized dangly earrings. Our artists can start making your specially designed earrings after we have a clear understanding of your particular requirements.
Decide on the specifics: Do you want your earrings to display something? It may be your brand. You may tell us the initials of your brand. You may also tell us about one color or a variety of colors for your earrings.

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Cameo Earrings – screw back – 14 – Silver with Gold Rope Detail

beautifully carved screw back earrings, right and left facing nice detail in excellent condition. circa 1920

Cameo Earrings -29- Right and left facing cameo screw back earrings with marcasite

Right and left facing cameos circa 1920-1930.? Very fine detailing for the size of the earrings.? Silver Gilt with Marcasite.? Absolutely lovely!  

Earrings – Bakelite Clip on Earrings

Stacked bakelite in a beautiful profile of black and caramel. 3" circumference

Earrings – Beautifully Carved, Delicate Japanese Pierced, Vintage

VERY unique hand carved? Japanese earrings. 13.6g. 2.2 mm long. 5.5 mm wide  

Earrings – Butler & Wilson, Diamonte, Victorian Pierced Large Drop Crystal Earrings

A thrill to wear this beautiful piece of Victorian History,? They sparkle and shine beyond belief,? like true diamonds.? Test as pure crystal
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