A hat pin is a very long pin that was created to hold a lady’s hat in place. A hatpin is similar to a stickpin in that one end is pointed, and the other has a decorative end. We can embellish the decorative end with beads, gemstones, or just about any other design you can think of. The length of the pin itself is the main distinction between them. Stickpins are often shorter than hat pins. They sometimes measure less than twelve inches. Hat pins were typically 8 inches long, pointed, and had ornate heads when worn in pairs. The head, shank, and finding are the three different components of an actual hat pin. The decorative portion of the hat pin is known as the head. Many people call this head the ornament. The metal shaft that the head is mounted on is called a shank.

How are hatpins made?

These hat pins are of the highest caliber and are made of steel. These sturdy aluminum hat pins have a sharp tip that can pierce any hat’s fabric and ensure that it stays in place. You can easily get them in White, Pearl, Silver, or Gold.

Customization of hatpins

Custom vintage hat pins are available at Pye Creative. You don’t have to explore far to find other varieties. Some of the most well-liked varieties may include military hat pins and hat pins for music festivals. Various organizations and event organizers of all kinds may also produce their unique designs of pins. If you have an idea for your set of personalized pins, you may give us a call, and we can discuss how we can bring your concept to life.
We also specialize in handcrafting one-of-a-kind pins of any form and size imaginable. Similar to lapel pins, most people wear vintage hat pins on their heads. Some are used to adorn clothing, spread awareness for a worthwhile cause, or demonstrate support for a team or group. Depending on who the hat pins are for, the designs come in a variety of hues, sizes, and forms. However, most organizations create them with the goal of telling a narrative.

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Hat Pin – Loetz Art Glass – Silver Overlay – “blue oil spot” technique

Magnificent Loetz Art Glass. ?Rare, beautiful blue added silver detailing makes it spectacular.

Hat Pin- Hand Painted Porcelain- Limoges

This dainty beauty is hand painted porcelain, marked Limoges. ?the size of a quarter, very delicate indeed!

Hat Pin/stick Pin Edwardian Early 1900’s Filigree Box, Gold tone -20-

Vintage Edwardian Early 1900's Stick Pin - filigree box - gold tone, 3.25" long - stick pin/hat pin. It could be older - it has a brassy gold tone metal for the filigree box which is about 3/8" square. It is not signed. It came from a PA estate sale where items were from Victorian times through the 1970's. It has some finish wear and the pin isn't perfectly straight but for 100 years - it's still in good condition.

Hat Pins – Chinese Antique Multi Dimensional Steel with Stone and Lacqer Embellishments

10" Chinese Steel Multi Dimensional Hat Pin. ?Wrapped in chain at the top five inches with sculpture of Waves and a Dragons Head.

Hat Pins – Chrystal Carved 6″ Oblong Sunshaft 8″ pin

Beautiful Reflective Crystal. ?Can be reworked into a sun catcher!  

Hat Pins – Hair Pins – Pair of Quing Dynasty Pure Silver Hair Pins – Hallmarked to Reverse

Rare, Quing Dynasty Hair Pins, These two beautiful pins are sold as a pair only. ?Hallmarked and in Mint Antique Condition.

Hat Pins – Large Piece of Domed Glass – Pin 9″

9" hatpin with large piece of amber coloured glass, approximately 2". Smooth and held to the pin with petal shaped copper.

Hat Pins – Sterling Silver, Repousse Flower – Hallmarked

Repousse floral detail in sterling silver, charming hallmarked hat pin.

Hat Pins – Three 8mm natural pearl topped 9″ Hat Pins.

Forever pearls speak elegance and simplicity of beauty, you know who you are!

Hat Pins – Three Carnelian Agate and One Cherry Quartz 8″ Pins

Three matched colour, fairly plainly carved hatpins. ?The colour grouping makes a nice display from the early 1900's. ?8" in length and the pin heads are approximately 8mm with the exception of the cherry agate being 1" in length.