Stickpins are long pins with a decorative tip. They are worn vertically. Stickpins were once used to fasten a tie or scarf. However, today they are used as lapel adornment, either alone or in bunches. It is also known as a tie pin. It is a neckwear-controlling accessory that was first worn by affluent English gentlemen to hold their cravat folds in place. A stick pin and a hat pin are excellent places to start if you are just beginning your antique collection. They are an affordable way to own a piece of the past because they are constructed of premium Gold and Silver, and many of them have gem inlays. They were especially well-liked by athletes. They used a stick pin when playing tennis or riding a horse. Nowadays, men frequently wear the larger tie pin to keep their ties in place and as an ornament in their lapels.

Get custom stick pins from Pye Creative.

Stick pins come in a wide variety of fun shapes and patterns. It makes them fantastic collectibles. Our collection of stick pins includes both larger faceted stones and smaller diamond-set creatures. When worn in the lapel of a straightforward and well-dressed suit, each stick pin is a tiny treasure. It is also the ideal method to express individual taste and style. Stick pin production has largely ceased among modern jewelers. Hence, you may purchase antique pins. They can be the best way to amass a wide collection of these wonderful ornaments. Pye Creative offers many ways to customize these pins according to your preferences. For instance, you may create them with special features to gift your dad, friend, and fiancé.

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Hat Pin – Loetz Art Glass – Silver Overlay – “blue oil spot” technique

Magnificent Loetz Art Glass. ?Rare, beautiful blue added silver detailing makes it spectacular.

Hat Pin/stick Pin Edwardian Early 1900’s Filigree Box, Gold tone -20-

Vintage Edwardian Early 1900's Stick Pin - filigree box - gold tone, 3.25" long - stick pin/hat pin. It could be older - it has a brassy gold tone metal for the filigree box which is about 3/8" square. It is not signed. It came from a PA estate sale where items were from Victorian times through the 1970's. It has some finish wear and the pin isn't perfectly straight but for 100 years - it's still in good condition.

Hatpins 8″ Feldspar Barrel Hat Pin 9kt gold – Late 1800’s, Rare Stanhope Lens

The pin is approximately 1.4mm wide.? It is a square pin with a twist slightly more than ? of the way down the pin.? Very unique subject in flawless condition for its age!

Stick Pin – 10- Vintage Victorian Rolled Gold Monkey Finely detailed

Finely detailed monkey with parted hair and individual teeth!? Oddly strange, but most interesting!  

Stick Pin -98- 18k with Turquoise

Beautiful vintage turquoise carbochon? claw set on 18k pin.

Stick Pin Crescent Moon and Ruby Gold Plated

Three inch pin with twisted pick. .5 inch moon with ruby chip. gold plated.
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