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Bangles and Bracelets – Two Beautifully Carved Cinnabar Bangle Bracelets

Two very deeply carved bangle bracelets.? Lovely details and each one is different.? Sold the pair only.

Earrings – Beautifully Carved, Delicate Japanese Pierced, Vintage

VERY unique hand carved? Japanese earrings. 13.6g. 2.2 mm long. 5.5 mm wide  

Jade Bangle, Jadeite, 50g, Inner Measurement 52mm, Carved inside and out, Flowers

Delicate, for a young woman. ?Floral carvings inside and out. ?Stunning colour Jadeite.

Necklace – Art Deco Style Carved Agate, Blue and Banded Beige, Choker Style

Lovely combination of colours and shapes arrive in this Art Deco Creation 15" strand of carved agate beads.