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Pin – Brooch and Earrings, Heart Shaped Large Stones with Japanned Back – Warner

Stunning creating with such amazing combination of shapes and colours. pin 5" circumference earrings 1.5" each

Pins – Butterfly, Japanned Brooch from the early 1950s, WARNER. with Stunning Uranium Stones

Gorgeous little brooch holding the best little surprise.? Full of Blue Stones, Green, Red eyes and Uranium Glass Stones!

Pins – WARNER – Big, Bold, Colourful! 4″ Domed Japanned Brooch

Warner quality to last a lifetime! ?Pass it on from generation to generation, ?This is a serious brooch, to be treated with respect!

Rare Vintage Costume Jewellery – Vintage Japanned Milk Glass & Rhinestone Bracelet – 7.75″ x 1″

All stones intact and claw set.? A beautiful little bracelet to add to your vintage "must have" collection.