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Cameo – Large 6″ Oval, Pin Pendant Spectacular large 4.5″ long by 3″ wide

4.5" long and 3.5" wide.? Beautiful pale shell with no abbraisions.? 9K gold tested.

Cameo -23- Victorian Rolled Gold Shell Cameo Large Pin/Pendant beautiful Shell carving of scene

Beautiful Heavy White Shell Cameo, carved scene, winter. Large cameo beautiful frame detail. Victorian.

Pins – Large Royal Multi Colour Jewel Peacock Brooch

Large Royal Multi-Color Jewel Peacock Broach. That Has Over 75+ Glimmering Crystals. The Broach Is Supported By A Safety Lock Pin On The Back. Height: 6cm

Ring – Large Smoky Quartz Ring – Checkerboard Cut 20mm Round Stone, Size 7

Sterling Silver Large Smoky Quartz Ring.  Checkerboard Cut 20mm round Stone Size 7, show stopper!