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Cameo 835 Silver -17- Pin, Pendant Shell c1900

pin, pendant cameo shell carving in very good condition fine carving with beautiful face, c. 1900  

Cameo Pin/Pendant 14k yellow gold. -18- Large cameo in Excellent condition 1930

Absolutely Beautiful Large Cameo.? 14k Yellow gold 1930? ?Very fine shell in excellent condition.? Beautiful Face  

Mourning Jewellery – Pendant on Black Ribbon, Was Once a Pin – Bog Oak

Simplicity, elegant details of this 3" x 2" Bog Oak Pendant,? you can see where the pin was once attached, lovely sleek carved detail.

Necklaces – Australian Rainforest Jasper, or Rhyolite, Pendant and Beads Strand,

Beads and pendant measure 10" long. ?Beads are 10mm each and the pendant is oblong 2" x 1"

Pins – KOI FISH – 5″ long Brooch

Stand out with this beautiful red studded rhinestone Brooch!

Pins – LUNCH AT THE RITZ – Very Fine, Rare Roses and Rhinestones

Beautiful signed, "Lunch at the Ritz" Pin or Pendant. ?2" diameter round with 3" of dangling attachments!